about the project

5C is one of Copenhagen’s most used bus lines and goes geographically and culturally through numerous different neighborhoods and areas. 5C can drive us to culture and nature and back home, and the route is packed with places that invite experience, contemplation, debate and much more. There are many churches and cultural centers along 5C’s route, and we in V Coloris want to visit them in 2023. On the concert series “5Concerts”, which we start on March 23 in the Kapernaumskirken in Copenhagen NW, we will go out in eight nine different churches/cultural centers along 5C’s route and play concerts with the aim of exploring 5C’s potential as a cultural guide.


We will devise the program for each concert with inspiration from and relation to the individual local area and the history of the church, etc., and to supplement ourselves we will invite 1-3 guest artists to each concert, as far as possible someone connected to the individual place and quarter, so that each concert has its own character, its own story and its own attraction value. The concerts will be 60 min. duration, and after the concerts there will be an opportunity to consume some wet and dry as much as possible from local producers/retailers.


Movia, which is responsible for Copenhagen’s bus lines, is one of our partners in terms of 5 Concerts. They will help advertise the concerts, whose idea and concept they strongly support. In addition, at the end of March we will record a promotional video in a 5C bus, which will hopefully be shown on the screens in the 5C buses in connection with our concerts. We are also working to become Movia/Soundvenue Cultivator of the Month in November, when at least two of the concerts at 5Concerts will take place.


The goal of 5Concerts is to make people in Sundby feel connected to people in Husum. To raise the awareness of the many people who live along 5C’s route to the culture and history of their own neighborhood as well as the other neighborhoods along the route. To get both locals and visitors to discover the many and rich opportunities for cultural experiences that 5C can lead them to.


With 5Concerts, we address adults of all ages, residents along 5C’s route and all citizens hungry for music and culture, both visitors and locals. As you can sense via our perhaps unconventional collaboration with Movia and the starting point of a bus route that people from all social strata have a relationship with, we also hope to be able to reach some who may not be used to going to a classical concert, and this must be helped along the way by an appetizing concert format and committed communication in an inviting and informal style. Some of the concerts will be more specifically aimed at children and families, whereby we will also be able to convey entertaining local music and cultural stories at a children’s level.