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Many people know Dinu Lipatti as one of the greatest pianists of the first half of XX century, but only few know that he was a great composer, which didn’t accomplish all his goals because his life ended very abruptly at an early age. Besides writing for his instrument – piano – Lipatti was very fond of wind instruments, mainly because of his obsession with color in music.

This generated a number of three compositions and two transcriptions from Domenico Scarlatti, which are great works who have all the merit to be included in the repertoire of wind players. His most significant work for winds is actually his last major composition before he died : “Aubade” for woodwind quartet, written in 1949, which is dedicated for the birthday of Paul Sacher, a great musician and supporter of new music at that time, and one of his Dinu Lipatti closest friends.

Follow our project and you will discover, together with us, many interesting things about his compositions for winds and also you will have the chance to listen for free the recordings of his composition and consult his scores from our website.

“Lipatti 100%” proposes the national and international promotion of the activity of the great Romanian musician. The project is developed gradually, through activities structured as follows:

  • editing and full publication, for the first time, of a musical material written by pianist Dinu Lipatti for wind instruments – most of the compositions were still in manuscript, and the one published was with many mistakes due to lack of sources. So our project brings for the first time in the history the original and uncompromised scores written by Dinu Lipatti;

  • audio recording, based on these scores, and release of a music album on all musical platforms – like Spotify, Apple music, Qobuz – as well as creating a CD to be donated to cultural institutions from Romania and Denmark;

  • promoting the project in Denmark through two concerts entitled “Originals and Transcriptions” in Roskilde and Odense – this concert will include works written by Dinu Lipatti, among other famous composers;

  • promoting the project in Romania through an event that will include a lecture, a live mini-recital, audio / video projections with the quintet “V COLORIS” and the complete presentation of the project products – scores and music album;

  • producing a video documentary which explains more details about Dinu Lipatti’s creation for wind instruments and the story behind the compositions. Here we will have an interview with the only biograph alive, which lives in Paris – mr. Grigore Bărgăuanu;

  • free distribution of scores and CD’s (donations) to 10 cultural and music education institutions in Romania and Denmark, including Royal Danish Academy of Music, National University of Music from Bucharest, ”Gheorghe Dima” Academy from Cluj Napoca.


“Lipatti 100%” is a cultural project of the “Ars Ventus” Association, co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN). Partners: National University of Music in Bucharest (UNMB), Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Roskilde Music Society, Odense Chamber Music Society, Genovese League Against Cancer, GrafoArt Music Publishing House.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the project results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding


Dinu Lipatti - Wind Instrument Concert played at his house [full concert]

Dinu Lipatti and his creation for wind instruments

Interviu cu Grigore Bargauanu despre Dinu Lipatti si creatia pentru suflatori

Creația pentru instrumente de suflat a lui Dinu Lipatti - romanian version

Dinu Lipatti - Allegro for clarinet and bassoon B. 7

Dinu Lipatti - Introduction et Allegro for Solo Flute B. 21

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Lipatti 100%

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