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The Danish-Faroese-Romanian wind quintet V Coloris has established itself as one of Denmark and Romania’s most sought-after wind quintets with its intuitive, narrative, and colorful playing, as well as its curiosity about how to synthesize Romanian and Scandinavian cultures. Folk music and contemporary music are the two main veins of V Coloris’ artistic work, and they regularly collaborate with prominent composers. They have commissioned and premiered works by Steingrimur Rohloff, Doina Rotaru, Karin Rehnqvist, and the next in line is Mette Nielsen.

Members of the quintet

Dreadlocks are beautiful if there’s only one of them.

Stefan Diaconu


The youngest daddy and oldest teenager.

Jonas Frølund


Beautiful queen of reeds and the only oboe player who never complains about them!

Felicia-Gabriela Greciuc 


Be calm, Be happy, Be you…and ... let's talk about it!

Niklas Kallsoy Mouritsen


His love life and basson playing are competing with each other!

Constantin Barcov




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